The principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) are designed to apply to test facilities (mainly laboratories) carrying out non-clinical health and environmental safety studies on chemical substances.

The GLP requirements are established by the Decree of the Minister of Health and Labour no 62 from 17.12.2015, while the rules for monitoring of the GLP compliance are set by the Minister`s Decree no 61 from 17.12.2015.

The GLP compliance monitoring is a periodic inspection of laboratories and audit of studies carried out by the laboratories with aim to check observance by them the GLP principles.

According to the Agreement concluded with the Ministry of Social Affairs EAK is acting a National GLP Compliance Monitoring Authority.

EAK carries out its GLP activities according to the annual GLP Compliance Monitoring Programs (published on the Estonian version of this website).

The first certificate on compliance with the GLP criteria was issued by EAK on 24 March 2014.

Contact person for the GLP monitoring activity in EAK is the Lead Assessor Maia Valm ( Procedure for GLP inspections and study audits is established in guidance document EAK J22-2017
GLP procedure.

In 2018 OECD recognized compliance of the Estonian GLP monitoring programme and the EAK GLP inspection activities with the international GLP principles, see "OECD kiri".

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