The Accreditation Council is an advisory board to advise EAK on issues of accreditation policy and practice, to oversee the implementation of these policies and to promote the benefits of accreditation.
The members of the Council are the relevant ministries, universities, industry and employers associations, consumer organisations and representatives of conformity assessment community.
Each member organisation is represented in the Council by an officer being well aware of conformity assessment and accreditation issues. Both the Statute and the composition of the Council are endorsed by the Council itself.
The Council meets according to needs, normally once per 6 months.
The duties and responsibilities of the Accreditation Council are set out in its Statute, according to which the Council`s competence is within:
1. contribution to the establishment and development of national accreditation strategy and policy;
2. promotion of national accreditation strategy and policy in the Estonian society to achieve widespread approval and support;
3. advising the EAK on the implementation of national accreditation policy, hearing of the activity reports of the accreditation body and appraisal of the reports;
4. on the EAK`s proposal harmonization of the draft accreditation decisions (for example in case when the Director of EAK has been directly involved in assessment;
5. participation in handling the appeals filed against the activities of the EAK;
6. approval of the resolutions of the Head of EAK on the establishment of technical committees and instructions for their activity;
7. on the EAK`s proposal evaluation of the annual budgets and applications by the EAK for the financial support;
8. making proposals to the EAK on the accession to international organisations and agreements on mutual recognition;
9. settlement of issues raised by governmental institutions within the competence of the Council.

See Statute of the Accreditation Council on Estonian:
Statute of AC

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