The primary task of a technical committee is to advise EAK on technical issues of implementation of accreditation standards and guiding documents in a specific technical field as well as submitting proposals to EAK for including experts of a relevant field in the register of assessors.
The committee members are choosen by EAK from among the widely recognised experts (incl. assessors) of the relevant field. Composition and specific tasks of an ad hoc technical committee are determined in the relevant decision of the EAK Management Board. Committees are working according to the Statute endorsed by the Director of EAK on 08.03.2016.

According to the Statute of a Technical Committee the tasks of a committee embrace:
1. making recommendations to EAK on interpretation of legal or accreditation requirements in different fields and on implementation of new or changed accreditation criteria;
2. participation in the preparation of the EAK guidances providing the application of standards and guidelines on accreditation in the relevant areas;
3. making recommendations to EAK upon including/adding the experts of relevant areas into the Assessors Register;
4. on the EAK`s proposal to examine the assessment reports of laboratories/ bodies and on the basis of these to make recommendations to EAK on the accreditation decisions;
5. on the EAK`s or Accreditation Council`s proposal participation in the settlement of appeals submitted against the EAK decisions and complaints submitted against the misbehaviour of the EAK clients;
6. participation in the education and training of assessors organised by the EAK;
7. on the EAK`s proposal development of an Estonian position on the drafts of international (ISO/IEC, CEN, ILAC, IAF, EA) standards and guidelines related to accreditation;
8. making recommendations to EAK on improvement of the accreditation activities.

For translation of the Statute of a Technical Committee see: "TOR for technical committees of accreditation".

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