» Changes to hourly rates and price list for 2024
Changes in the hourly fee for the Lead Assessor and the service price list for the year 2024.
» The IAF has issued new versions of the IAF MD Documents
The IAF has issued new versions of the IAF MD Documents and ISO 45001 has been adopted as a European standard
» Revised and new EAK guidances
2 EAK guides have been revised and 9 new instructions approved.
» EAK accreditation symbol is changed!
From 1 November 2017 a new EAK accreditation symbol is introduced. EAK provides each accredited CAB with a personal accreditation symbol. The rules for use of the symbol are outlined in EAK J9. To see the image of the symbol please go to: "EAK sümbol"
» Revised version of EAK J9!
EAK guide J9 was revised due to recent changes in EAK logo and accreditation symbol.
» New logo!
A new logo of EAK is introduced since 1 november 2017. The logo is made up of the three capital letters "EAK" with the full name of EAK in Estonian and in English below. To see the logo please click on the heading. "EAK logo" The new logo as an EAK trademark is registered in the European Patent Office. Use of the logo is strictly restricted to the needs of EAK.
» EAK peer evaluation results
The outcome of a regular EA peer evaluation of EAK carried out in April 2013 was discussed at the EA MAC meeting on 10 April 2014 with a decision made that EAK is entitled to maintain its signatory status to the EA MLA in all 6 fields as well to join the new MLA on accreditation of the GHG verifiers. Thereby the condition was set for EAK to submit by the end of 2014 a self assessment report focusing on removal of the peer evaluation`s findings. The requested report was presented by the end of 2014 and discussed at the MAC meeting in April 2015 with outcome that there is no need for further actions. The next peer evaluation of EAK is scheduled for 2017.

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