The legal basis for the EAK`s activities is constituted by the Metrology Act and the Product Conformity Act.

EAK was set up on 4 January 2000 by a Decision of Minister of Economic Affairs resulting from the Government`s Decree no 1390-k of 21 December 1999, issued on the basis of the Metrology Act.

The right of EAK to act an Estonian national accreditation body as well as the relationships between the State and EAK were regulated by the "Contract for operating as Estonian accreditation body", based on the Product Conformity Attestation Act and signed on 6 September 2007. The contract was abolished on 01.02.2011.

Based on the Product Conformity Act (in force since 01.10.2010) a Governmental Decree was issued on 8 July 2010 on assigning EAK with the tasks of the Estonian National Accreditation Body (in the meaning of the Regulation No 765/2008/EC). The Product Conformity Act sets forth also the main tasks of EAK as well as the rates of accreditation fees.

The right of EAK to act as a National GLP Monitoring Authority is established by the relevant agreement between the Ministry of Social Affairs and EAK from 14 December 2005, which was renewed on 9 November 2010.


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