The Estonian Accreditation Centre (EAK) is a private non-profit organisation with its own professional and managerial staff. According to the Governmental Decree from 8 July 2010 EAK is fulfilling the tasks of the Estonian National Accreditation Body.

According to its Articles of Association the main tasks of the EAK are:
• accreditation of testing, calibration and verification laboratories as well as proficiency testing providers;
• accreditation of certification and inspection bodies as well as GHG and EMAS verifiers;
• assessment and attestation of technical competence of measurers;
• establishment of technical committees for accreditation and co-ordination of their operation;
• drafting of guidelines and recommendations on accreditation;
• exercising supervision over accredited institutions and organisations attested as competent;
• making agreements of mutual recognition on accreditation with other accreditation bodies and their associations;
• participation in the work of the European co-operation for Accreditation EA;
• training of assessors.

In addition EAK accredits EMAS and GHG verifiers and fulfils the tasks of a National GLP Monitoring Authority.

EAK is fully responsible for its activity and uses independent competent assessors for carrying out its accreditation activities. The daily work of EAK is run by the Management Board.
Management Board is advised by the Accreditation Council and technical committees with regard to accreditation policy and technical matters respectively. Management Board is responsible to the Supervisory Board appointed by the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications.

All State owned CABs are considered as related bodies to EAK according to ISO/IEC 17011:2004 cl. 4.3.7. Following the guidelines given in cl. 4.3.7 of ISO/IEC 17011:2004 and cl. 4.4.6-4.4.7 of ISO/IEC 17011:2017 EAK together with Accreditation Council carries out regular analysis of its relationships with the related bodies to determine the potential risk for conflict of interest and, if needed, takes appropriate action to avoid any risk.

» EAK operational policies
EAK top management has confirmed the operational policies which EAK is directed by in carrying out its statutory activities.
» EAK Articles of Association


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