To apply for an accreditation an official application shall be presented to EAK.
Applications (available only in Estonian) are specific for each accreditation area (testing laboratory, calibration laboratory, inspection, product certification body and so on). Along with the application the relevant questionnaire filled in shall be provided as well.

In application (or in an attachment) the desired accreditation scope shall be described as detailed as possible.

Also a quality manual, report on the last management review and a summary data on the proficiency testing results, if relevant, shall be submitted.

As a rule, a preliminary or full initial assessment visit will be carried out or agreed upon within one month after receiving by EAK all necessary documents.


Otsingujuhis: Konkreetse valdkonna akrediteeritud mõõtjate ja/või vastavus- hindajate leidmiseks palume sisestada otsinguaknasse vastav märksõna, näiteks:
  • ''elektripaigaldis''
  • ''valgustatus''
  • ''töökeskkonna''
  • ''ehitusmaterjal''
  • Estonian Accreditation Centre | Mäealuse 2/1 Tallinn 12618, ESTOINA | Phone: +372 6 021 801 | E-mail: