Accreditation is carried out by an independent non-profit accreditation body, which is recognized by government and complies with requirements of the relevant international standards.

In Estonia such body is the Foundation Estonian Accreditation Centre (EAK), established by the Minister of Economic Affairs on 4 January 2000. EAK is fulfilling the tasks of the Estonian National Accreditation Body.

In Europe the competence of accreditation bodies of different countries is checked via peerevaluations coordinated by the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA). In case of the positive results of a peerevaluation an accreditation body is entitled to become or remain a Signatory to the EA MLA (multilateral agreement). According to the EU Regulation No 765/2008 nationally recognized accreditation bodies of EU member states are obliged to cooperate in EA and regularly undergo its peerevaluations. The members of EA MLA recognize each other accreditations as equivalent. EAK is a Signatory to all 7 EA MLAs since 10 April 2014.


Otsingujuhis: Konkreetse valdkonna akrediteeritud mõõtjate ja/või vastavus- hindajate leidmiseks palume sisestada otsinguaknasse vastav märksõna, näiteks:
  • ''elektripaigaldis''
  • ''valgustatus''
  • ''töökeskkonna''
  • ''ehitusmaterjal''
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